Carmine.jpg (11701 bytes) 19 Unique and Distinctive B&Bs Located Throughout the Heart of Texas --in Belton, China Spring, Crawford, Groesbeck, Hillsboro, Lorena, Lott, McGregor, Mexia, Valley Mills, Waco and West.

Here's one of the 19
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Let's Go Country B&B

 Waco, TX

"Come on INN." Welcome to our website.

Our business is hospitality.

Guests are special to us!

"Hospitality Is Made of a Warm Welcome, a Fond Good-bye, and Memory-Making Moments in Between."


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254- 848- 9383


A Bed and Breakfast

 Hosts: Don & Sandra Twitty

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Enjoy Your Stay in This Restored Early 1900's Cottage


Escape the Hustle and Bustle of The City Life


Rest and Relax in the Beauty of God's Creation


Private Sunrises and Sunsets


Swing Under the Tree


Play Washers and Horseshoes.


Start Your Morning With One of Our Gourmet Breakfasts


Explore the Delights of Our 100+ Acre Working Farm


Special Honeymoon Package

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A memorable bed and breakfast experience

Welcome to The Farm!  Join us for a walking tour:

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For Reservations and Availability
Call Don or Sandra Twitty at  254- 848- 9383.

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