1895 Tarlton House
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Sherwood Forest Bedroom

In the vast arbor of Sherwood Forest, curious visitors discover a cottage path to the high point in the glen. Altogether the most private place at the Tarlton estate, guests of the third floor, at the west end of the hall, begin fantastic adventure.

Oh yes! Merry Olde England is still alive in Sherwood Forest, and every Robin Hood, Maid Marion and Little John find satisfying shelter here. They all come and go, Friar Tuck, Allan a Dale, Will Scarlet, and Much the Miller, so you are most welcome in their forest.

If the evil Sheriff of Nottingham comes by the Tarlton Estate and Reserve, you are safe and secure among Robin's band of merry friends.








Did we mention this little secret door?
I wonder what's behind it?





The  Sherwood Forest guest room is The Most Private room in all of the 1895 Tarlton House choices. Entering the house at the east front door, you ascend the two flights of stairs to reach the third floor. Turning right, down the hallway you enter the Sherwood Forest. This gabled room is on the west end of the house.

Having 2 Queen beds and one Twin bed, this room offers families a place to stay, or is ideal for Girlfriends Getaways. Or a pair of singles can each have a queen bed. Regardless of the group, all the beds face the center of the room, a room made for talking and laughing, even all hours into the night, since you share no walls with another bedroom. Swinging from the ceiling fan and running down the hall is discouraged, however.

The private bathroom has a shower with a 4-setting massage showerhead, and also has the longest clawfoot tub you've ever seen, tucked back in the rose-garden branches, where you can soak your weary bones as long as you like.

2 Queen beds + 1 Twin bed
Weekend rate $140-150 per night
Sunday-Thursday $120 per night
$25 per person after the first two people

You've never had a ceiling like this one in the Sherwood Forest!
Heirloom crewelwork stool with the burl wood vanity.

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