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The Blue Room -- Bluebonnets and Blue Lamps

Blue Room
Weekdays (Sun-Thurs) .............. $90 Weekends (Fri-Sat) .................. $100 Extra Beds $ ....................... each 25 justify

The Blue Room is also at the second story level.  Just like the Apricot Room, this is the favorite of a lot of our repeat guests.  The large room, with the queen bed and fireplace, as well as the adjoining clawfoot tub/shower bathroom, has a distinctive appeal. Blue, Jerry's favorite color, was chosen for this room. 

Featured in this bedroom are a pair of beautiful blue lamps, as well as one of LaJuana Westerfield's oil paintings of local bluebonnets. An old armoire and the queen four-poster bed are on either side of one of the blue lamps.There are several family pieces in this room, including the triple-mirror dresser and an ornate old trunk, both of which were in the home of Jerry's grandparents, where he was born and raised. Both Jerry and Jan had great uncles who owned drug stores and in this room is one of their ice cream tables.

The bathroom is quite interesting.  In the 1940's the owners had considered tearing down the house and building a new one, but eventually decided instead to "remodel," which involved adding a room downstairs, some small cosmetic additions, re-papering the house (most of that 1940's wallpaper is still on the walls, although Jan has painted most of the ceilings and some of the walls, added borders, and otherwise touched up what is now over fifty or sixty year old coverings).  The other thing they did is paint all the woodwork. But what is neat about this bathroom is that although the wallpaper was removed, it was not replaced.  So the "inside" of the house is clearly evident here, along with other interesting details.  Look for them when you come to stay in the Blue Room.

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